Faculty of Environmental Engineering and Land Surveying

HistoryAuthoritiesThe Faculty Units (and experimental stations)Academic staffEducationMajor research areas

Environmental Engineering

  • Department of Rural Building
  • Department of Sanitary Engineering and Water Management
  • Department of Hydraulic Engineering and Geotechnics
  • Department of Land Reclamation and Environmental Development
  • Department of Ecology, Climatology and Air Protection (Agrometeorological Station in Garlica Murowana and Air Monitoring Station on Podłaźce Clearing near Sromowce Niżne)
  • Department of Land Reclamation and Peat-Bog Protection
  • Department of Applied Mathematics
  • Hydrotechnical Laboratory
  • Computer Laboratory

Land Surveying and Cartography

  • Department of Land Surveying
  • Department of Agricultural Land Surveying, Cadaster and Photogrammetry
  • Department of Land Management and Landscape Architecture
  • Computer Laboratory
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